Bradshaw's Childrens Shoes
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Monday through Friday        10 AM to 7 PM

Saturday                                10 AM to 6 PM

Sunday                                  11 AM to 4 PM


4532 Lee Highway
Arlington, VA  22207

One of our slogans since the 1950’s has been “Where Fit Comes First”. Now we are in the 21st century and we use the most revolutionary digital foot measuring device ever created; the Aetrex i-Step Wave. This patented technology ensures unmatched accuracy when measuring feet.


A lifetime of healthy walking starts with properly fitted children’s shoes. However outgrown shoes are the greatest enemy of children’s feet. We keep a fitting record of your child’s shoe purchases to chart growth patterns and when the shoe size should be checked we send you a reminder notice.


We feature brands that have proven themselves in customer satisfaction and style. We feature America’s favorite brands but we are constantly searching the shoe market for new offerings that will appeal to our customers and which makes our store unique.   You will love your choices.


We are one of the nation’s oldest shoe stores serving Northern Virginia continuously since 1834.   We carry on the tradition of our founders for great customer service and high quality footwear.
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